Notification will be sent by mail in August informing you of parent orientation, as well as the first day of classes. The nursery school will usually follow the public school calendar. In case of severe weather, we will close on snow days the same as the Pine Bush Public Schools. A phone call chain will be sent. Listen to 103.1 FM WGNY or to 98.3 FM WSUL for school closing information.

Snow/Emergency Days

Snow/emergency day allowance includes:

  • Five snow/emergency days per session are allowed for 4 year olds, and will not be made up
  • Four snow/emergency days per session are allowed for 3 year olds, and will not be made up

Any additional days will be made up. You will be informed of these make-up days through the monthly newsletter.

In Case of Emergency

If a medical emergency should arise during school hours, every effort will be made to contact the parents of the child concerned, or whoever is designated on the school forms. If we are unable to contact these individuals, then the child’s physician will be notified. If we are unsuccessful in locating any of the above, the child will be taken to the Orange Medical Center.

Early Withdrawal

It is expected that each child will be enrolled for the entire school year. However, if unforeseen circumstances should arise and withdrawal is necessary, 30 days written notice is required. This policy is essential for the continuation of the school’s financial stability. Early withdrawal may also result due to a child’s poor adaptability to the program. This decision will be made by the staff and the school’s Board of Directors and will be presented to the parents for review.


Parent-Teacher conferences will be held in the Spring. If any problem arises before this time, always feel free to discuss any problems with the staff.


Parents will be assigned days that they will be responsible for bringing snacks for the entire class. A calendar and a parent newsletter will be sent home at the beginning of each month to keep you posted. Juice or milk and nutritious food should make up the snack. Parents wishing to bring in special snacks for birthdays should notify the staff.

Field Trips

Please note that on the registration form, you are signing a blanket consent form for all field trips.