Our objectives for the Little Lambs Christian Nursery School include:

  • To create a warm, loving Christian atmosphere by sharing the love of Jesus Christ through a non-denominational approach;
  • To make learning enjoyable by using music, games, stories, and many hands-on experiences which may encompass things we can do at home; things people may do at work; watching nature at work; and dramatization;
  • To develop physical skills and dexterity through use of different media and gym equipment. To develop the ability to share, take turns and cope with new situations;
  • To give children the opportunity to explore their capabilities, likes and dislikes, vocabulary, environment, creative abilities and build self-esteem;
  • To give each child the stability that they can trust in the love of their Lord, their parents, and their teachers;
  • We hope to give the children a Christian foundation as well as the educational readiness needed to begin their journeys through the public and private education systems.